Irving Martin Award

trophyThe Irving Martin Self-Advocacy Award will be given to an individual and a group who have shown their commitment to promoting self-advocacy. This award is given in memory of the late Irving Martin, “the Godfather of self-advocacy,” who was known for his endless work on behalf of the self-advocacy movement. Irving Martin understood that people with disabilities are people first, deserving the same opportunities as everyone else. He had the innate ability to share his vision with others. His message was simple – all people belong in the community working together to create better lives and training self-advocates across the nation to their role in creating change.

The committee will select both an individual and group winner based on the following criteria:

  • An individual or group from the state of Minnesota
  • The individual or group members must be self-advocates and have a disability
  • The individual or group must be actively involved in self-advocacy (i.e. participates in a self-advocacy group, attends self-advocacy events, etc.)
  • Is knowledgeable about their community and the self-advocacy movement
  • Displays leadership abilities or has been a mentor to people with disabilities

Download the Irving Martin Form and mail or email it in if you prefer using a hard copy, otherwise use the button above to submit your Workshop Proposal online.